is the result of more than two years of analysis in the automotive sector. It is a young team passionate of cars, eager to innovate and develop their experience as car users for more than 25 years. As a result of this experience, Inmagina has detected a need in the marketplace. In the last years, the information that cars provide to the driver has been increased significantly, but The Dashboard has not increased its space, which it often means giving up certain data that are important.

Therefore, we want you to be the leading player and that You can offer your own customers a different experience: a creative and innovative dashboard that unleashes your imagination and a COMPLETELY NEW and SHOCKING DESIGN, which makes it easier to understand the data and saves space on the panel.


We offer you

➤An innovative design that makes the difference in the interior of the car.

➤A saving space on the dashboard without losing any information, allowing the user an easy understanding of the vehicle’s data and performance.

➤Configurable and customized dashboards that adapt to the needs and likes of the driver, being able to choose between the analogue or the digital version.

➤The assurance of having an invention PCT/2015/07810 (May 2017).

➤Incorporation of more technology without high investment costs.